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[ Savory packaging with
culture you can taste. ]



Stirling Soap Co.

Assignment: Develop cohesive packaging  for entire artisan product line. Logo Redesign utilizing Stirling Tree, Labels, Packaging, Icons, Typography.


Brand Personality: Artisan, Natural, Honest, Vintage.


Brand Voice: Classic Premium Quality for Greatest Value.


Materials: Labels for Multiple type packages : Shave soap, Aftershave, Body Lotion, Soap bar, Preshave Lotion, Pucks, etc.


Elena La Bua

Assignment: Create show stopping images for a new line, new company.

Brand Personality: Evocative & bold.

Brand Voice: Clothing for the Body and Soul.

Materials: High gloss, high quality printing. Papers designed to handle high saturation of color.

Responsibilities: Logo Design, Packaging, Signage, Hangtag


Assignment: Rebranding for Entire International Label/Geisha Line. 


Brand Challenge: Keep identity, so that customers recognize and relate to past brand, but make it more upscale and modern. Create a very versatile design for many different sized cans, boxes, etc.


Sweet Garden

Assignment: Develop packaging for retail & distributor market.


Brand Personality: Classic, old fashioned, Natural, Organic, Wholistic. Caring about the environment and returning to the old ways of Mother Nature, "living organically".


Brand Voice: Custodians of the Earth, Working with Mother Nature.


Responsibilities: Logo Design, Packaging, Illustration.


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Cutler's Apple Pie

Assignment: Create vintage artisan label with old west feel, for Liqueur Line, still respecting existing Cutler's Brand, staying within visual guidelines of Vodka & Gin label.


Brand Personality: Classic Vintage, California West.


Responsibilities: Complex Label Design, utilizing foil, illustration, very fine detail. 


Assignment: Fun, Inviting Packaging with emphasis on its new organic line. 


Brand Theme: Popcorn  Bites, fun for the whole family.

Materials: Printed in Korea, High Volume. 


Assignment: Create intriguing logo design and package for shoe company.
Client needed a design to stand out amongst their competitor and emphasize the name. Hence emphasis on the "z".


Brand Personality: Bold, brave, making a statement.


Responsibilities: Logo Design & Packaging

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