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[Attracting golfers in swarms.]



Assignment: Branding Small Business Cloud Services


Challenge: Clarify and sell a completely misunderstood technology. Necessary to educate audience on what cloud services are. Establish customers' trust and confidence with a new technology that they may have some reservations and fears about.

Solution: Demonstrate to potential customers the advantages of working from the cloud is smarter, safer and a more efficient way to run a small business. Fear factor incorporated as to what could happen if they don't use their cloud services in a fun, but truthful way.


Brand Theme: Welcome to your Office in the Cloud. 

Tagline: We're Always with You.

Brand Positioning: Safe, Professional, Custom cloud services with applications, email and VOIP services included, for small business. 

Brand Personality: Friendly, safe, and inviting.

Audience: Small Business B2B, Schools, for 1-25 employees.

Responsibilities: Logo Design, Tagline, Stationery, Advertising, Responsive Landing Page, Customer Interface, and Video Demo. 



Sweet Garden Organics

Assignment: Develop Sweet Garden Organics as the storefront company for Sweet Corn Organic Nursery. 


Brand Challenge: Establish presence of Organic Gardening products in an over crowded marketplace. 

Branding Solution: Create an established look, resonating

with their primary audience. One that feels going back to the good ol' days as nature intended-Growing and farming organically. Supporting customers concerns and lifestyle needs of living a healthy organic lifestyle, by getting back to Mother Nature.

Brand Positioning: A company interested not only in nature, and organic gardening, but inspiring others committed to a healthly lifestyle.

Brand Theme: Custodians of the Earth, Working with Mother Nature. 

Brand Personality: Classic, Honest, Caring, Inspiring, Natural.

Audience: Soccer moms, Whole Foods GenX customers, Organic Lifestylers, Environmentalists. Secondary tier: Local Garden Distributors.

Projects: Naming, Identity, Branding, Illustration, and Packaging.

InOne Advertising

Assignment: Establish InOne Advertising with a dual brand as both and Advertising Agency and a Golf Marketing Specialist.


Brand Challenge: Establish a small boutique agency in a crowded marketplace.

Branding Solution: Establish their niche as a specialized agency for golf. With secondary tier of their business with associated lifestyle companies such as real estate and luxury.


Brand Theme for Advertising Agency: Great ideas, created to inspire.

Brand Theme for Golf Agency: InOne your Golf Marketing Experts.


Audience: Small Business Clients, Golf Courses, Properties, Luxury Lifestyle.


Projects: Naming, Identity, Branding, Website (Summit Silver Award), Collateral, Direct Mail Campaign, Video and Tradeshow Booth.




Assignment: Branding for Modern Accessories Store. Develop cutting edge look made of unique materials.


Brand Challenge: Create a strong presence for a completely unknown, tiny store. Competing against larger companies such as Design Within Reach, etc. on the same block.

Brand Solution: Establish Relish as a modern boutique store that carries special edition objects from local & international designers. As well as establishing a relationship with clientel that live and work in th design hub of Portland, the Pearl District.


Brand Positioning: A boutique modern store & gallery that carries objects made by local & international designers & craftsmen. Celebrating monthly monthly featured artist shows establishing their presence amongst designers and local artists.

Brand Personality: Modern. Innovative. Friendly. Minimalist. Elite.

Tagline: Modern Objects for Home & Life.

Audience: Architects, Designers, Hipsters, Millenials, GenX and individuals with high expectations for refined taste in design.

Responsibilities: Logo Design, Tagline, Stationery, Advertising, Responsive Landing Page, Customer Interface, and Video Demo.

PR: Highlighted in Lucky magazine as up and coming store in Portland, OR.

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